Friendly Street Dog Enters A Police Station And Gets A Job

There have always been great alliances between police and dogs. Of course, it requires a lot of skills and proper training for a dog to be able to fight criminals. However, this stray pup decided to try a different approach and it apparently worked.

When Gorgi, a stray dog, entered a police station in the city of Bayamón, Puerto Rico, he was in very bad shape. So the officers gave him some food and played with him while the furry visitor seemed extremely friendly. “It was in bad shape. He came up scared and was looking for affection and protection, ”said Sgt. Tony Montesinos. “We gave him food and water that night and after eating he stayed with us for a while and left.”

But the next day, Sergeant Montesinos and his comrades were very surprised to see Gorgi return. When they saw how friendly and energetic the dog is, the officers decided to offer him a forever home, inside the police station. They initially took him to a vet, then gave him a well-deserved bath. And, of course, a uniform and a badge could not be missing.

Thanks to the kindness of the officers, Gorgi not only found a family, but also a job. It’s even just an honorary position, they hired him as a watchdog. More than that, the dog is not the only one who has something to gain, but also the officials. They now have a lovely friend and trusted companion in Gorgi. “Reduce tensions,” says Montesinos. “Everyone loves it. You will have everything you need as long as you live. ”

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