Fond Dog Soothes Broken-Hearted Man At Airport

Dogs are amazing creatures and also our awesome friends. They stay by our side, give us support, and bring us comfort whenever we feel distressed.

The dog in this story named Cora, an 8-year-old corgi who was adopted by Madison Palm a few years ago. She was considered as a special dog who could sense when someone needed comforting. One day, Palm decided to take Cora with her on the trip to Alaska. And there she witnessed how gifted the pup was.


When they were at the airport, Cora suddenly got close to a stranger sitting alone a few seats away from them. Palm was worried at first that Cora might disturb the man. But a second later, she realized that Cora might feel the sadness of the man and want to soothe him.

“Before I could even call her, she was already at his feet being loved on. I asked him if she was bothering him,” Palm told TODAY. “And with a somber face and watery eyes, he said, ‘No, no. I lost my dog last night.’”

Cora did a wonderful thing that the man slightly turned his lips into a smile when he scratched her ears. Then he pulled out his phone to take a picture of Cora, and the sweet dog obediently sat in front of him for it.

“I truly think she has a gift. She knows who is hurting and she knows who needs her,” Palm said. “Once he told me that his dog passed away I looked at Cora and thought to myself, ‘You are so amazing. How did I get so lucky?’”

The little corgi really had a sweetheart and was willing to give her love to others without hesitation.

Dogs like Cora deserve all the best things in the world.

Watch the touching moment here:

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