Exodus – Strike of the Beast [Live Wacken 2008 DVD]

Every boys locker room can be represented by any exodus concert.

When you tell the crowd to split the girls legs open, but they misunderstand you and accidental create one of the best mosh pits in metal history.

Meaning of Exodus – Strike of the Beast

Walking down the backstreets-
The noon is full and high-
You feel your body start to sweat-
Someone’s about to die-
You turn around and run-
It’s the only thing to do-
Someone’s about to die-
And that someone, is you-

This song seems to be about choosing how you will live, in regards to the deeper questions of life, such as Christianity, and it’s opposite, which could be called apathy. The “beast” is about to strike the person dead, so he has to decide to “fight or run” (basically, choose which side he is on; if he runs, he is not making any choice to stand for anything…).

Time to run or fight-
Off the strike of the beast-
You hear the creature’s hooves-
Start to echo through your brain-
You fear the demon’s hellish howl-
It makes you go insane-
You smell the creature’s fowl stench-
Laced with death and waste-
Don’t lose your mind he’s right behind-
Breathing fire in your face-

I have read the lyrics of about 8 songs from this band; it’s pretty hard to work out which direction they are coming from… very deep and meaningful, but rather obscure.

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