Dogs Grow Up – i’m a big kid now Baby to Adult Dogs

There’s no denying it. Few things can be as cute as a pitbull puppy, and few dogs can boast the athletic physique of a full-grown one. Our pitbull growth chart will help you to follow and predict your pup’s development to adulthood. We hope it will add to the fun of being a proud pitbull “parent!”

We’ll also deal with a few frequently asked questions such as “When do pitbulls stop growing?” It’s a question many a puppy’s adopted parents may ask – especially when they see their cute little one growing so fast you can almost see it happening! We’ll also touch on a few facts about pitbull genetics, behavior, and nutrition.

Do you have what it takes to bring out the best in your pitbull? Our guide will be a good tool for prospective pitbull owners who are considering their breed options as well as those of you who are already raising a pitbull pup.

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