Dog Who is in Her Twenties Still Loves to Play With Her Stuffed Banana

Enjoying yourself has nothing to do with age. This dog proves it every day, because, despite her old age, she still loves the same things she did when she was just a puppy.

Her name is Tessa and her 20 years of age do not cause her to give up her old habits, such as protecting her beloved ones. And, another thing she won’t give up is her love for her favorite cute toy: a stuffed banana that she loves to hug. So much that she wouldn’t trade her toy for anything and lets everyone know that she loves that cute toy very much.

Photo credit: Shanna Loren

Ever since she met this cuddly toy about five years ago, nothing can separate them. She likes her banana toy more than anything else in life, claims her mother, Shanna Loren, who bought the toy when another dog broke Tessa’s favorite toy.

“I found it in a clearance bin at a pet store, but I knew it was the size of the toys she likes. She immediately took the banana the moment I gave it to her,” Loren told The Dodo.

Photo credit: Shanna Loren

Her mother said that when she see visitors, she shows them her toy so that the newcomers can enjoy it for a bit too.

“She wants people to acknowledge it before they leave. And when she leaves it, she puts it on the bed that she thinks is best,” she said. Because, despite being old and having lost some of her hearing, she will not stop hugging her toy banana until the end of her days.

Photo credit: Shanna Loren

“We ask the guests to tell her they saw her banana so she can lie down. She has never allowed it to be a ‘toy’. It is her little possession and it is her life,” the mother added.

She may be 20 years old but she’s still a puppy inside.

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