Daughter Teaches Dad How To Take Selfie, Doesn’t Expect He Will Become Internet Sensation

There is nothing better than old people learning to use technology and doing their best.

His Daughter Teaches Dad How To Take Selfie

This happened recently to a sheep farmer in Walcha, Australia. His daughter introduced him to the ubiquitous selfies and started having too much fun.

Dad Goes Viral

In a series of photos originally posted on the “Cool Dog Group” Facebook page and then spread on the Internet, the person can be seen using the front camera with two very photogenic dogs and even a sheep. It is so innocent and pure, and it brings a smile to everyone who looks at it. Can we broadcast live on this guy’s farm and take pictures with all his cute animals?

Although this story seems to have been confirmed by the man’s goddess, we are still looking for more information about him-there may be more selfies! If we have  detective in the audience and provide other information, please add it in the comments. At the same time, appreciate these wholesome and heartwarming photos and share them with those who need to pick me up today.

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