Dad Defends Letting His 1-Year-Old Son Nap and Cuddle With Huge Pit Bull

Even though this Pit Bull isn’t the mom to 1-year-old baby Cruise, she sure acts like it, caressing the baby as the two nap together at home. Cruise’s dad, Jarad, who breeds American Bully dogs, a type of Pit Bull believes that his two sons are safe around the pups and dogs. After facing some criticism on Instagram when he shared videos of his children being cozy with dogs, he says that his pups are harmless and would never be aggressive towards his little ones.

Pitbulls are a medium-sized yet muscular and powerful breed of dog. They have acquired quite a reputation and it’s common to see alarming news articles and publications warning about them. But is this entirely fair? Are they inherently dangerous and is it safe for children to be around them? To put their reputation to the test, I spent a lot of time researching the traits, characteristics, and tendencies of Pitbulls. Here is what you need to know.

So, are Pitbulls good with kids? Pitbulls are great with kids, if trained and socialized appropriately from a young age; just as is the case for any breed. Pitbulls are generally very affectionate, obedient, and loyal to their owners. They love to play and cuddle which makes them the perfect companions for children. Unfortunately, some owners have trained their Pitbulls to be aggressive which has caused their unfair reputation and has led to instances in this breed.

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