Cyclists See An Abandoned Puppy That Was Just Skin And Bones And Know They Will Take It Home

Last April, Ladislau Alcântara and Rosilene Jansen, two cyclists from Brazil, went out to train, without imagining that this ride would change their lives forever.

The day was too hot, when they returned his heart skipped a beat when he noticed a small abandoned dog in the middle of the road.

Left to its own devices by inhuman hands and on the verge of starvation, the dog, a brown dachshund, was very malnourished. His weakness was such that he didn’t even run, he just looked at them as if asking for help.

The aridity of the site chosen by its heartless owners made the possibility of the puppy succumbing at any moment imminent.

Lonely in the inhospitable place the poor animal was only bones and skin

Fortunately, the miraculous appearance of the cyclists, on the spot and at the right time, united this little dog with his angels, and from that moment they never separated again.

“We realized he was abandoned and we had bread in our backpack, so I went over to him, gave him the bread and he ate it right away,” Rosilene said.

Later they learned something sadder still. Apparently, the area is very popular for dropping off animals.

“I despaired because I did not want to leave it there, but there were still more than 40 kilometers to get home,” he added.

So Ladislau unzipped his hydration pack, picked up the little dog, and put him inside to transport him home. It was not at all an easy maneuver to perform, but the cyclists since they saw the abandoned animal, were determined to do anything to help it.

“It was not easy. I was cycling behind him and checking the backpack to make sure the dog didn’t fall off. Every kilometer was an eternity, ”said Ladislau.

After a long journey, they stopped for a few minutes to rest, and at that moment Ladislau turned around and said very convinced and full of emotion:

“Since I have no children, I will have a dog.”

The cyclists continued their journey and after their arduous effort to get home, they finally gave the puppy a bath, water and good food.

After all they lived together, it was logical that they adopted him and called him Rotivi, although Ladislau prefers to call him Pelanka. Soon the three of them became inseparable.

Fortunately, Pelanka has managed to overcome her health problems and has gained enough weight. He is already a strong dog and now, grateful and recovered, he has become the co-pilot and companion of his rescuers. They go everywhere together, devouring miles and miles of shared paths with mutual love.

«He is our companion and is always with us. It is not afraid of other animals no matter their size. He feels safe knowing that we are always close.

The truth is that without the heroic performance of these cyclists, Palenka would have passed away in a few days, that is a fact.

Fate and the bicycle united this trio forever. Those who not only give street animals a loving and caring home, but also dedicate their lives to rescuing and protecting abused dogs are heroes and heroines.

Share this beautiful friendship story with your friends. Love, care for and respect animals.

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