Cute Pitbull Terrier doesn’t like his little brother. His expression is so funny

Perfect example of “mom i’m going out” and her responding “take your little brother with you”.

He’s like “what the heck?!” “He’s in my spot”, “Are we gonna keep him?” “I’d like to file a complaint”

Why is my pitbull so jealous?

Dogs want their share of the attention, food, and other good things you provide—it’s only natural. But when dogs start acting jealous, and seeking your attention more aggressively, you’ll want to look at any changes to their home life. Most of the time, dog jealousy is caused by changes like: New schedule.

Pit bulls were bred to hunt prey and fight with other dogs.

If you have another dog or pet at home, don’t be surprised if your Pittie gets overly jealous and attacks them. This is especially true if the dog seems to take your attention away from the terrier dog.

Other times, pit bulls act jealous because they are simply bored. It is particularly important that you do something about your dog’s jealousy because as you might have heard, this breed is the most aggressive in the dog’s kingdom.

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