Cute Pitbull Dog Whining About Going To Bed.

It is bedtime and Mary the Pitbull whines about going to bed. She is such a drama queen!

They are just like kids… Don’t wanna miss anything so they don’t want to lay down but soon as they do, they are out like a light. So cute. Mary is a good girl.She said no momma I gotta watch the latest episode of PITBULLS and paroles lol.

Oh my goodness! This video cracks me up!!! So silly! And a pittie named “Mary” alone makes me laugh. What a big baby. And I LOVE her ears! Go Mary! Go Mary!

That’s exactly how my staffy acts. They are so smart , loving, loyal, raised right they would never injure a child just delivery guys. I keep her as a house dog . I love your chocolate she’s gorgeous. Mine is bronze and a white flying goose on here back . Best dog I have ever had!

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