Cute Black Cat Falls In Love With Statue That Looks Like Him

Jenny Salzer was browsing on Goodwill when she came across a statue of a black cat. She was surprised as the statue looked like her cat Cosmo. For this reason, she bought the cat statue and decided to place it on the steps in front of her house.

One day, Cosmo was sitting outside with Salzer when he spotted the statue. After seeing the cat statue, the cat was immediately attracted to his strange twin. He started sniffing the stone and cuddling with it.

According to Salzer, Cosmo usually loves soft and warm things. But the cat statue seemed to be the exception. “He loves to play! He also likes to cuddle and make biscuits on anything fuzzy,” Salzer told The Dodo.
After a couple of months, Cosmo has now grown more and more attached to the statue. Sometimes, Salzer will catch Cosmo hugging the statue, rubbing his face on its face, snuggling with it as if it is a stuffed toy.

“He normally likes the statue, but he hadn’t loved on it so much before,” Salzer said.

Whenever Cosmo is allowed to go out or play in the yard under his mom’s supervision, he enjoys playing and hanging out with his special friend. When Cosmo doesn’t show the statue affection, he just seems to enjoy its company: “He sits next to it sometimes,” Salzer said.

Nobody knows whether Cosmo recognizes a little of himself in the statue or not, but Salzer is happy because she can make Cosmo happy!

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