Baby Elephant Rescued From A Well After Being Trapped Inside For More Than Hour

For all those who argue that animals don’t experience emotional pain, and don’t have empathy, or experience love, they should read our post today. This is the heart-wrenching moment a baby elephant was rescued from a well after desperately trying to dig itself free with its trunk.

The tiny little baby was wandering in the forest in Kerala, India when it fell into a well. Due to the disused water well, the baby was unable to climb out and became distressed.

Its trumpetting and crying woke up residents of Kuttampuzha village, and they immediately contacted a rescue team for help.

The rescuers used an excavator to dig away at the side of the well and create a makeshift path to enable the baby elephant to climb free. They did everything carefully to avoid crushing the baby with the backhoe of the excavator.

Villagers stood around to watch the elephant escape and cheered when it managed to pull itself free. Because of being tired, the baby struggled to stand up at first before eventually climbing out of the well. Thankfully, the elephant was safe and only had minor injuries.

The mother elephant and the rest of the herd stood nearby the well when the villagers and rescuers saved the baby elephant. When the baby climbed out, the elephant family quickly came to meet their beloved member.

Their reunion melted everyone’s hearts. Before running into the forest, the mother even turned toward the people and raised her trunk as if she wanted to thank them for rescuing her baby. She was like, you guys are amazing. Thanks for rescuing my baby.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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