Abandoned Pit Bull With Skin Disease Is Rescued By A Police Officer And Receives Treatment

Humans can be very insensitive to animals, even their pets, and it’s not hard to find stories of abuse, abandonment, and cruelty on the internet. Also, it’s no accident that animal shelters are always working their best to help as many dogs and cats as possible. pitbull

Fortunately, there are also compassionate and responsible people who decide to save the lives of dogs that suffer on the streets. This is the story of a pit bull rescued in Curitiba, capital of Paraná.

The rescue was carried out after investigator Cássio Silva and police chief Matheus Laiola received the call to rescue a female dog in very precarious conditions in the Parolin neighborhood.

According to Cassio, the bitch was freezing to death. In the rescue video, you can see how she shivers uncontrollably because of the cold and perhaps because she is afraid of not knowing and not trusting her rescuers.

Little is known about who abandoned the dog, how long she had been in these conditions, and why residents were unwilling to help her. But these issues were taken into the background; after all, the pit bull is now safe.

The dog, who was christened Nina, appears to be weak and malnourished, in addition to having the fur is in deplorable condition, with open wounds along her body. According to the post shared on Facebook, Nina suffers from advanced scabies, hence the current state of her skin and fur.

Fortunately, Cassio and Matheus, along with activist Mari Hedler, have already ensured that she receives proper medical treatment. Here you can see her happy about the visit to the vet:

The investigator says that the bitch is very sweet and affectionate and will ensure that she undergoes the treatment correctly to cure her skin disease. In the publication that announces the rescue, he warned that Nina will need a lot of care and that help from the public will be needed.

Later, after the veterinarian’s visit, Cassio hinted that he could adopt her, guaranteeing him a second chance at life in a home where he will receive all the love he deserves. However, he points out that there are still many dogs on the streets that need help.

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