Abandoned Kitten Crying In The Trash Can To Get The Attention Of Others

When Stoyan and Dessy from Bulgaria were walking on the street, they found a kitten crying near some trash cans. The kitten was hungry alone, so they quickly returned home to get cat food. She must have lost her mother recently because she is very afraid of everything and can only calm down when she is comforted.

The kitten was living in a dangerous area that is full of stray dogs and fast car passing by, so the couple brought her home to care for her. They named her Dessy and introduced her to their cats. Dessy was very scared when moving into a new place, but thanks to love and care, the little kitten did a better job.

Watch the full story in the video here:

What a gorgeous ginger kitten with green eyes. She is so so precious, We love her little meow and also how she snuggled up to her humans and of course her sleeping on the cushion by the fireplace. She really relaxed. She knew she was in good hands. She has a foster family to look after her… just love how adorable she is.

We’ve never seen a cat more beautiful than this little baby. She’s absolutely stunning, those beautiful eyes. Thank you for looking after her.
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