A Stray Pit Bull Guarded A Lost Toddler Until He Was Reunited With His Father

A stray Pit Bull guarded a lost toddler until Kh’amorion Taylor, the child, had left his father’s house barefoot and in his pajamas. He then began going about the area, walking through the streets. Thankfully, the young child and his pitbull protector were discovered by a neighbor as she was walking her own two dogs. The mother acted swiftly and began knocking on all of the neighbors’ doors to locate the child’s parents. While no one could identify or recognize the child, Taylor’s father soon saw a social media post in which his son was featured, according to FOX 2. He had raced to meet with his son at that point. He was reunited with his father.

The little boy had been guarded by a stray pit bull. 

When Taylor was found, he was seen walking around with what was presumed to be his pet dog. However, in reality, the large pit bull which accompanied him was a stray dog who was acting as a guard for the toddler. Moreover, according to FOX 2, while Taylor was being reunited with his father, he had repeatedly cried “puppy”; one can only infer that he was probably trying to express his gratitude. After hearing about the pit bull’s heroic actions, St. Louis police have reportedly considered adopting him.

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