9 Astonishing Buildings That Have Been Inspired By Rules Of Mathematics

Take a tour of the world’s most interesting buildings.

1.The Mobius Strip Temple

The Mobius Strip Temple is based on the concept of reincarnation. This is a design that is very unique and found hardly around the world. This is why this temple serves as a source of attraction for its visitors. The other important thing is that inside this temple it is very difficult to differentiate between floor, wall and ceiling because space inside moves from low height to high height and everything evolves and transforms.

So this way the visitors inside the temple will get an idea of reincarnation, which is the basic theme of this Mobius strip Temple.

2.Force Academy’s Cadet Chapel

There are many new developments and techniques used for constructing different buildings. One such technique is constructing a convex polyhedron having four triangle faces.

This is not easy to construct and there are many mathematical procedures and principles that are used in its construction. This is a concept that was applied to United States Air Force Academy`s cadet chapel, Colorado.

This is one of the best examples to be seen in the modern world having a height of 150 feet and 17 spires. This building was constructed in 1960 and at that time it costs around $3.5 million for construction.

3.Eden Project

Eden Project is one of the beautiful attractions in United Kingdom people love to see. Plants of different kinds and collected from different regions of the world are present inside artificial biomes.

Eden Project Is Supported With Steel Frames

Eden project is a beautiful and attractive project that is located in Kaolinite pit that is located 2 kilometres away from St Blazey town. The domes of the project are having a number of pentagonal and hexagonal plastic cells that are supported with steel frames. One dome is emulating topical environment, while the other one emulates Mediterranean environment. The view of biomes present planted landscapes that include sculptures and vegetable gardens.

4. 30 St Mary Axe

The building nowadays known as 30 St Mary Axe that is also known as the Gherkin is a beautiful skyscraper in the City of London. This building was completed in 2003 and was opened till the mid of 2004. It has 41 floors and is approximately 180 meters tall. This giant building is becoming London’s iconic symbol.

Awards of 30 St Mary Axe

Arup and Norman Foster engineers designed this building and Shanska erected it. After the completion of this building, it was awarded by many prestigious awards due to its brilliant architecture. You may see the building in the famous movies Harry Potter, Woody Allen’s match point and many more.

5.Philips Pavilion

Philips Pavilion was architecture for Expo ’58 basically in Brussels. It was commissioned by a company of electronics “Philips”. Pavilion contains a cluster of total 9 hyperbolic paraboloids. The technique of telephone dials is used through sound projectionists in these paraboloids.

Textured Look

The speakers are set inside the walls and are coated with asbestos. These speakers created textured look of the walls and they look amazing. This building looks so beautiful and artists love to be here. They are inspired by the architecture of the building and the music they can enjoy here. So this place has fun, entertainment and much more for you.

6.Endesa Pavillion

All of the enormous and obsessed constructions are based upon the rules of mathematics. People have widely used mathematical rules to develop world’s magnificence. Endesa Pavillion of Barcelona used algorithms of math to twist and change the geometry of cubic building. The structure of this building is based on astral proclivity and proposed orientation.

Endesa Pavillion Algorithm

It is fact that algorithms are perfect tool for creation of astounding buildings. For this building, according to Endesa, the sun movement was traced before the arrival of architect to complete the mapping. Algorithms were used for planning phase to calculate building’s best possible form.

7.Cube Village

People have always shown their energy in dynamic way by building some splendor pieces for the world. Among such wonders, one is known as the Cube Village. It is a village built by Piet Blom who is a Dutch architect.

It is not just a simple carved piece of construction but he integrated the rules of geometry for shaping this master piece. The exact location of Cube village lies on the pedestrian bridge top just like an imitation of abstract forest. It has been divided into three levels with the availability of windows on all fronts.

8.Sagrada Familia Cathedral

If you wish to explore the exclusive cathedrals then don’t miss to pay a visit to Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

It is located in Barcelona and the structural design was given by Antoni Gaudi. By profession Antoni Gaudi is a mathematician and this structure is known to be mathematician’s dream. For the development of this structure, he used hyperbolic parabolic feature. If you have ever eaten Pringles then you must be able to visualize about hyperbolic paraboloid structure. Actually it is all Catenary arches. It also contains the phenomenon of magic square where all arrangements sum is equal to one number. In this building, it is thirty three.

9.Fractal Gas Station

Geometry has a great part in the development of differentiated structures. You can find many artistic splendors by some of the best and popular mathematicians. Here, the subject structure is known as Fractal Gas Station.

It is a geometric shape that has been split into numerous fractions. But if you look upon each fraction then it seems a copy of overall structure. You can name many architects who have applied such structural designs in the makeover of their masterpieces. This specific building is located in Los Angeles where every part has been exposed.

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