89-Year-Old Woman Knitted 450 Blankets And Coats For Shelter Dogs

When dealing with sheltered animals, local rescue organizations have no shortage of opportunities.

If you are looking for opportunities to cooperate with sheltered animals, then you will find that opportunities and methods are not lacking. There are many things that can be done, such as walking the dog, fostering, cleaning the kennel or assisting in adoption activities-whatever it is, most local rescuers are happy to get any help from volunteers.

Maisie Green – Animal Rescue Hero

But one woman from Britain, has found a very special way to assist animals in need: she knits them sweaters and blankets!

Over the years, Maisie Green has used her knitting skills to make hundreds of coats and blankets for dogs.She’s donated all of them to the rescue dogs of the Dogs Trust Basildon shelter in the United Kingdom.

In the Dogs Trust Instagram post below, 89-year-old Maisie can be proudly seen standing on the braid she woven to rescue the pet:


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Dogs Trust ?? (@dogstrust)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi


I Love Knitting and I Love Dogs

She said to the Dogs Trust Basildon, “I love knitting and I love dogs, so this combines both wonderfully! It takes me three days to knit a blanket and one day to knit a doggy coat.”

With all the knitting, it is obvious that she is happy to help dogs in need because they are looking for their forever home. Maisie knits in batches, and her family helps her drive to the shelter three times a year to give up the donation for knitting.
She also said that the knitting project filled her with a sense of purpose.
“It keeps me busy and often I like to knit whilst watching television. I’m delighted to be helping the four-legged residents at the center in some way,” she said.

Dogs Trust Basildon Note

Dogs Trust Basildon noted that by December 2018, Maisie had prolifically knitted 450 items for the shelter animals to keep them warm.

The dogs at the shelter seem to love having knitted items, whether they’re from Maisie or somewhere else. Plus, they look so cute when they’re using them.

Check out this sweet Dogs Trust dog curled up with a knitted blanket:

And this other dog looks so cozy snuggled up underneath a colorful throw:


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Dogs Trust ?? (@dogstrust)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Dogs Trust is one of the U.K.’s largest dog rescue organizations, and it provides care to over 16,000 abandoned and stray dogs every year. The organization offers volunteers many ways to get involved.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Dogs Trust ?? (@dogstrust)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

What Maisie Green has done is definitely a good way to give back. There is no doubt that the animals will thank her for all her wonderful contributions to them!

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