30 Funny Christmas Photos Proving Holidays Are Not Just About Tension And Rushing

You’ve exchanged gifts with your friends and family, and can finally sit down and relax with a good cup of joe. So, the rush is finally over. But hey, without cracking a few jokes and pulling some pranks with your cousins, no family meeting will be honestly complete.

We have a series of funny Christmas pictures today that will remind you that the holidays aren’t just about stress and rushing. Check out some of the funniest Christmas pics in the gallery below for special Christmas trees, funny decorations, and hilarious cards!

#1 My Wife And I Are Expecting In The New Year. My Sister’s Name Is Emily. This Worked Out Well

Image source: Bricklettuce

#2 Celebrating Christmas With My Wife’s Family, When Suddenly

Image source: scottzee

#3 A Buddy Of Mine Put This Up As His Christmas Tree

Image source: Aphelion93

#4 “My Cat Is Afraid Of Tangerines, So I Created A Force Field To Protect The Christmas Tree”

Image source: Iatrogenia

#5 Special 2020 Feature

Image source: kevrone

#6 Every Picture Tells A Story

Image source: MayMyEnemiesLiveLong

#7 I’m No Longer Allowed To Help With The Xmas Decorations

Image source: drdalebrant

#8 Did A Christmas Scavenger Hunt. This Is What My Grandpa Sent For 3 Wise Men

Image source: WizardlyJB__ps4

#9 I Saw The Apron While Shopping, And Decided To Do A Remake Of My Mother’s Favorite Picture For Christmas. 23 Years Apart

Image source: Deeplight

#10 My Aunt’s First Selfie With Her First Ever Smart Phone She Got For Christmas

Image source: beaverkc

#11 The Real Heroes

Image source: CalebMoshier

#12 Christmas 2020

Image source: MonicaHesse

#13 Merry Christmas. I Spent An Hour This Morning Turning My Hair Into A Christmas Tree For A Costume Contest At Work. I Have No Shame

Image source: dibbiluncan

Christmas 2017

#14 My Sister Thought My Leg Could Use More Holiday Spirit

Image source: stalnoypirat

#15 My Annual Christmas Photo With My Housemates

Image source: matafumar

#16 Mom Listens, Mom Delivers

Image source: BickertonMiss

#17 Merry Christmas Beard

Image source: ajallee

#18 Look What I Found

Image source: RandomTho24

#19 Winner Of Best Christmas Card

Image source: AprilAncira

#20 “We’re Doing Pictures So Wear Something Nice”

Image source: rrrroasted

#21 For Christmas, My Mom Got My Dog And I Matching Pajamas

Image source: Tenten32321

#22 My Daughter’s Christmas List I Just Read. I Almost Choked On My Burger

Image source: stefanfection

#23 Me And My Cat’s Christmas Card Was Deemed “Sacrilegious” By A Few People. What Do You Think?

Image source: tamagothecat

#24 Happy Solstice

Image source: awwaygirl

#25 This Christmas Card I Thought Everyone Would Enjoy

Image source: KojiKidd

#26 Math Teacher Is So Smug

Image source: BobButtons

#27 Saw This Customer Today With The Coolest Christmas Decorations Ever

Image source: corpsequeen96

#28 If You Ever Feel Useless, Remember You Can Turn On Subtitles For The Yule Log. Merry Christmas

Image source: Shay_Mar

#29 My Son’s Letter Santa. I Think He Knows

Image source: Cr3s3ndO

#30 We Know The Teenage Kids Will Never Find It In Here

Image source: bbbbbbbbbb99

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