1934 Chevy HotRod (Video)

Ford in 1934, with its large fenders and slanted grille, has always been one of the most beautiful street benchmarks there. It is no different and is very well built. The 3-window Outlaw body is in good condition. Among the glass fiber body manufacturers, the Outlaw body ranks first.

The exterior is painted with very smooth Brandywine 2-stage paint, with custom pinstripes and spray gun imitation chrome on the side. The paint job is truly amazing and has a beautiful surface effect. The suicide door opens back and has a beautiful chrome handle. The large-diameter headlights are nicely mounted on each side of the illuminated 34 grille. A small front bumper is added, and there is no bumper at the rear. The rear taillights and license plate are decorated in French style and installed under the 34 Ford logo with a custom spray gun painted on the rear. There are billet side-view mirrors on both sides, and the front windshield wipers are also located on both sides, which is a good feature you don’t always see on these road signs.

The car has a good posture and can roll on Billet Specialties wheels fitted with General Altimax RT tires. In 1991, the Camaro 350 with Street Performance TPI system was used to rotate these tires. Most of the components under the hood are chrome-plated or Billet coated. The aluminum radiator accomplishes this task well and keeps the car running cool. Paired with the electric motor is the 700R4 transmission, which transmits power back to the Maverick 8″ Ford rear end through 3:72 gears. The car enters the dual exhaust pipes through the header, making a loud noise, and then exhausts from the rear of the car. A The 13-gallon fuel tank is installed at the rear and is sealed with a polished cover. The disc brake is located at the front and has a Mustang II-style front end. When looking at the chassis system, you will notice that the paint of many parts is consistent with the body The colors are the same. The custom interior of the car is brand new.

It is made of white super leather with red stitching and looks very clear. The Burgundy carpet matches the paint and is in good condition. All the decoration work looks great, and the workmanship is of high quality. The dash is white to match the seat and is equipped with a Billet baffle and a Dakota Digital pressure gauge. The tilt column is equipped with a column shifter and a Billet Specialties steering wheel. The Vintage AC/Heat is in place and working well. A Sony Xplod AM/FM/CD player is installed in the custom overhead console, which provides excellent sound. The suitcase is also well done, and there is a hidden storage box for the amplifier and electrical components. This is a very clean and sturdy road sign, only a new home is needed!

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