15 Funny Pics of Cats and Dogs Living Together

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets in the world. Cats are cool, aloof, and independent. Dogs, on the other hand, are loyal and obedient but require more attention.

People often say dogs and cats are born to hate each other, but the truth may say otherwise. Dogs and cats have not sworn enemies of all time. When they live together under the same roof, they usually don’t hurt each other because they form a family or a pack. The more pets you have, the happier you become because it’s so interesting to watch them getting along.
Do you own a cat and a dog in the same house? Today we would like to introduce to you 15 cats and dogs who try their best to live in peace. Scroll down to see for yourself!

1. So comfortable…

2. This cat occupied our dog’s bed. “I can’t believe my eyes.”

3. This cat is probably a bit distressed because of a new neighbor.

4. His face says it all ><

5.  “Who am I?  Where am I?”

6. A recovery collar seemed to be a good idea at the vet…but not at home…

7. We got a dog. Not everyone likes him.

8. “Show me your teeth” ^^

9. “OK, OK. I’ll let puppy.”

10. “Sometimes love is annoying.”

11. Before and after my dog realizes I’m in the room

12. “Hey friend, you need a hug??”

13. “Kittens are scary”

14. Nobody knows what they’ve been up to!

15. And finally dogs and cats that are in love

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