10 Pit Bull Puppies and 1 Brave Kitten and 1 Happy Pug!

My dog is pregnant and is getting ready to deliver her puppies. I have heard that nursing her puppies will be even more energy-intense than pregnancy. Is this true?

It is correct that during nursing (lactation), a dog needs the greatest amount of energy calories of any life stage. Optimal nutrition for a having puppies needs to support:

  1. Conception and successful pregnancy
  2. Optimizing the number of puppies per litter
  3. Providing the bitch with her best ability to deliver her puppies
  4. Thriving puppies both before and after birth

I did a little research and found that kitten and the pug likely has to do with a kitten weaned to early and mistaking the pugs “parts” for a milk teat.

The puppy was so cute when she rolled off the dog bed.

My favorite part was when the puppy was chewing on his little kitten friend and it’s ears, the kitten cried but accepted it like a champ.

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